• Engineering Vibration Toolbox: Educational vibration software loosely coupled with Daniel J. Inman’s Engineering Vibration. Available for Matlab and Octave. Supported since 1991.

  • WFEM: Educational Structural Finite Element code designed for students to implement the math/computations of the element without the overhead of having to build an IO system, graphics, assembly, static/dynamic analysis, etc. (Matlab only at this point). Maintained since 2008.


  • array_to_latex : A simple module for creating LaTeX arrays from NumPy arrays. PyPi Download stats array-to-latex Weekly Download Stats

  • Mousai : A harmonic balance solver. PyPi Download stats mosai Week Download Stats

  • vibrationtesting : A Python module for signal processing, modal analysis (from data), model solution (from linear second order matrix form) and model updating. PyPi Download stats vibrationtesting Week Download Stats

  • vibration_toolbox : A Python module for vibration education loosely based on the Matlab version from 1991. PyPi Download stats vibration_toolbox Week Download Stats

  • vitae : A Python module for generating the scholarly citations portion of a curriculum vitae. PyPi Download stats Vitae Week Download Stats